Awaken Your Inner Goddess


She knows your story, hears your thoughts, and sits patiently to be awakened.

So how do you awaken her?

One: Sitting Still

As a newbie, I learned that the tortoise always wins the race. Why? Because it takes patience, time and consistency to sit as your mind, body, and soul connect to the divine.

She accepts you as you are.
She loves you for you.
She accepts the challenge to meet your needs only if you put forth your best.

Showing up is all she needs from you.

Two: Alignment 

Being in an alignment not only allows you to be connected to the magical love that the Universe puts out but opens your connection to the divine in a greater sense.

Spiritual alignment is the process of you aligning yourself with the divine.

Mantra: I am protected, I am powerful, I am grounded.

Let go of what no longer serves you.

Remember that as we experience our awakening it can be a lonely journey some may accept it and some may not. It’s all apart of the process.


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How to use Lavender & it’s benefits


Lavender is one of my favorite herbs to use. It’s gentle and soothing aroma brings a relaxed and calming feeling to my body.

The name lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means “to wash.”

Researchers have claimed that “Lavender” is beneficial for those that suffer from hair loss, anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.


How I incorporate Lavender into my health and home?

+ Skin Care & Body Products (Fascial Serums, Bath Scrubs, Lip Balms)
+Aromatherapy for headaches and stress
+Laundry Detergent
+Dryer Sachet Bags
+Muscle Relief
+Carpet Deodorizer

Coming in Mid-September my Shop will be open for those that would love to use all natural skin care products. I will also be sharing DIY recipes for many of my products in my store here in the next few weeks.


Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before starting a new health regimen.  Never use lavender in conjunction with any other medications before consulting with your doctor. 


Amazing Sites For Stock Photo’s


Today’s post is a long awaited and much needed for those that are looking for professional free stock photo’s. Using professional photo’s will help to improve the appearance of your blog posts. We have all been there with those tacky stock photos. I know I have. Well with that being said, here it goes 6 amazing sites that you will love for free stock photos.

Note: Always remember to check to see if a photo is free of copyright and restrictions. Many photos are free and clear and are good to go for both personal and commercial use.



Pixabay has a large selection of quality photos. Another great feature is the amazing selection or art illustrations and videos for use. All photos are released under Creative Commons license. Attribution is not required at the time. 





Unsplash is the fastest growing free stock photo site. Amazing site with breathtaking photos. All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero and is free to copy, distribute and modify. Attribution is not required at the time. 





Foodiesfeed is the perfect site for food bloggers. Amazing photos that will have you drooling.






NegativeSpace has a variety of stock photos to use. All Creative Common photos are free to use. NegativeSpace doesn’t require attribution at this time but encourages you to.






Freestocks offers a great selection of high-quality photos. Fashion bloggers would love to browse their fashion photo selection. All photos are released under Creative Commons licenses.






Focus Fitness is an amazing site full of photos fitness related.





I hope you all enjoy this 6 amazing Sites for stock photos! I would love to hear all about your stock photo finds.